Jeep Cherokee Reviews

Jeep Cherokee Reviews Worcester MA

If you’re in the market for a new SUV around Worcester, Auburn, or Shrewsbury, you’re going to have a host of choices to pick from. Spacious and capable SUVs continue to grow in popularity, leading brands to create evermore variations to pick from. Still, classics remain like the heralded Jeep Cherokee. With ample power, capability, and personalization options, the Cherokee is here to stay. Learning about the vehicle can be done by checking out the Jeep Cherokee reviews we’ve developed at Harr CDJR.

On this page you’ll find links to the reviews which discuss the model in great detail!

Jeep Cherokee Towing Capacity

Jeep Cherokee Towing capacity Worcester MAOne of the traits we often look at in reviews is capability. Nowadays, SUVs are used for more than daily commuting, with many folks relying on them to serve as work companions or towing machines. The Jeep Cherokee is well-built to withstand the rigors of towing large trailers, boats, ATVs, or other items.

Three engine options within the Cherokee means you have three towing capacities to consider. The peak towing capacity comes in at 4,500 pounds courtesy of the 3.2L Pentastar® V6 under the hood. The two other motors are a pair of 4-cylinders, with the 2.4L reaching 2,000 pounds of towing capacity and the turbo 2.0L reaching 4,000 pounds of towing capacity.

Engine Specifications

The reason Jeep gave the Cherokee three engines options is because each motor has a distinct personality. If you test drive the Cherokee with each, you’ll notice differences in acceleration, low-end torque output, top speeds, and other on-road traits, so selecting the right motor for your lifestyle is key.

The 2.4L 4-cylinder puts out 180 horsepower, 171 lb-ft of torque, and receives an EPA-estimated 22 city MPG/31 highway MPG. This option blends power and efficiency, perfect for daily travels.

Next is the 2.0L turbo, a choice that gives you access to 270 horsepower, 295 lb-ft of torque, and an EPA-estimated 23 city MPG/ 31 highway MPG. While small, this 2.0L sees a noticeable boost in off-the-line acceleration thanks to the turbo enhancement.

Ramping up to the big 3.2L V6 means access to 271 horsepower, 239 lb-ft of torque, and of course that maximum towing capacity of 4,500 pounds. Also, the V6 still returns an EPA-estimated 20 city MPG/29 highway MPG.

Jeep Cherokee Trims

Jeep Cherokee Trim levels Jeep Cherokee latitude Jeep Cherokee Limited

Another staple of the Jeep lineup is giving each model widespread trim options. The list for the Cherokee starts with the Latitude and Latitude Plus before moving to the Altitude and Latitude Lux. From there, you can select:

  • 80th Anniversary
  • Limited
  • Trailhawk
  • High Altitude

Plenty of Ways to Enjoy the Jeep Cherokee

There are plenty of variations of the Jeep Cherokee for you to enjoy around Shrewsbury, Auburn, and Worcester. To test all of these different motors and trims out, come by Harr CDJR after reading our reviews!

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