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You can never have too much information, whether about the type of car you want to purchase, the financing plan you’re going to build, or the service requirements of your car. At Harr Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram (CDJR), we’ve got a range of eBooks which are free and insightful. After a brief time reading through them, you’ll have a more thorough understanding of a particular model, your financing options, or your vehicle’s service needs. Our dealership is always looking out for nearby drivers. That’s why you’ll find a range of eBooks covering questions we most often field at our dealership!

What Is in Our Free eBooks?

The content of each free eBook we’ve developed will differ, yet they’re all centered around providing an in-depth, comprehensive look at important automotive topics. For example, we have eBooks which cover everything you might want to know about a particular sedan or SUV. From the trim levels and the performance to the technology and safety features, our eBooks leave no stone unturned. The same approach is taken in our financing eBooks, which can be about topics such as leasing vs. buying. Or we might dive into the nuances of caring for your vehicle over time. If there’s a topic you’re curious about, our eBooks are the place to turn.

How Long Is Each eBook?

We have reviews, comparisons, finance pieces, and service articles on our website that you can view at any time. The eBooks are longer than these general resources—in fact, they’re typically 1,000 words or so longer. The reason we do this is because the topics covered in the eBook require a lengthy and detailed dive. So, for instance, if you’ve read through some reviews and have a basic understanding of your preferred model, the eBook will help ensure you understand everything from the amount of second-row legroom to the features found in each trim level.

Explore Our Many Free eBooks

With proper research, you can easily move through the car-shopping experience or quickly create the right financing plan for your budget. So, look to some of the free eBooks we’ve written at Harr CDJR, and if you have any questions, you can reach out to our team!


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