Harr CDJR Rentals

Vehicle Rentals Worcester MA

Rent it. Like it. Buy it!

Rent a vehicle from Harr Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and you’ll never go back. Whether you’re headed out of town for a vacation, need a vehicle for business in a new city, or have your current car in the shop, you’ll never regret a Harr rental.
It doesn’t matter if you want to rent a car, a spacious SUV, a rugged truck, or a gas-saving hybrid – all that’s available and more.

Sometimes a Test Drive isn’t enough.

Want to try it before you buy it? Renting a vehicle offers you the perfect opportunity to see how a new Harr vehicle fits into your life.

Escape for the Weekend or Take a Business Trip

Enjoy a long weekend getaway in a current model or rent a comfortable vehicle for your out-of-town guests or business trips.

Car in the Shop?

Need temporary transportation while your car is in the shop? Depend on us like you depend on your ride. We have a fleet of vehicles for you to choose from.

Fender Bender?

If your vehicle is being repaired at the body shop, you’re going to need dependable and reliable transportation. Contact us to arrange a rental vehicle until yours is ready to go!

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