Oil changes are one of the easiest forms of automotive service yet also one of the most important. The motor oil in your car is constantly working to regulate engine temperature, lubricate various parts, and also keep your engine clean. So if you need an oil change near your area, consider booking a visit online at Harr CDJR.

Our certified technicians can quickly swap out the worn motor oil in your vehicle and get you back out on the road. Have some questions about oil changes? They may be answered in this oil change overview!

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Signs Your Car Needs an Oil Change

how often should I change my oil

How Often Should I Change My Oil?

The general estimate for changing your motor oil is every 5,000 miles. Of course, because there are so many unique models on the road as well as unique drivers, the 5,000-mile threshold doesn’t always apply for everyone. Specifically, you’ll want to change your motor oil more often if you ask your engine to work hard on a daily basis. What does working hard mean?

For starters, larger vehicles such as trucks and three-row SUVs that regularly tow trailers need to have their motor oil swapped out more often, maybe every 3,000 miles. All that rigorous towing is going to work the engine and wear down the motor oil.

The 3,000-mile interval is also smart for anyone who has a high-performance car. Quickly accelerating from a standstill, sharply braking to come to a stop, and especially racing your car around rural roads or on any tracks is going to wear down the motor oil.

How Long Does an Oil Change Take?

At our shop, we can have your motor oil swapped out in under an hour, typically about 30 minutes or so. By booking your visit in advance, our technicians will be ready and waiting for your arrival. Their expertise plus the first-rate technology in our shop means you’ll be back out on the local streets before you even have time to sit down and get comfortable.

signs you need an oil change

Signs I Need an Oil Change

Not sure when you last had an oil change? To be safe, you may want to swap in some fresh motor oil anyway, but there are also key symptoms you can look for that suggest a change is needed.

First, you can check the oil yourself. Merely pull out the dipstick under the hood of your car and see what the oil looks like. If it’s black, sludgy, and thick, it should be swapped out.

If your motor oil is wearing down, the performance of your car is going to waver, too. So if you’ve noticed any downtick in your vehicle’s acceleration or fuel economy, it’s likely time to come by the shop.

Receive an Oil Change near You!

Oil changes are easy, quick, and also vitally important to the short-term and long-term well-being of your car. So come by Harr CDJR and we’ll be happy to swap in fresh motor oil. If you have any other questions about the procedure, give us a call!

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