Oil Change near Shrewsbury MA

Engine Oil

Different types of services are required to keep your vehicle running smoothly and effectively. Certain services are specific to certain types of vehicles while other services are universal and should be performed on every model. Oil changes are one of the universal services. So, if you require an oil change near Shrewsbury, MA, consider our devoted team at Harr Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram (CDJR).

The certified technicians at our shop have extensive experience working with all types of models. If you book your visit online, we’ll knock out your oil change quickly and get you back on the road.

Benefits of an Oil Change

Oil changes are important for multiple reasons. The main purpose of motor oil is to lubricate the various parts under your hood, clean up dirt and debris, and regulate engine temperature. As the motor oil begins to wear down, it becomes less effective.

By changing your motor oil regularly, you can ensure that your engine and the many other parts under the hood are well-protected.

How Often Should I Change My Motor Oil?

Performing Oil ChangeUnderstanding when to change your motor oil is about all you have to know for this routine procedure. As soon as you realize new oil is required, you can book a visit, bring your model around, and then get back to your daily living. So, how often should the oil be swapped out?

The typical recommendation is to have your motor oil changed every 5,000 miles to 7,500 miles. This is a solid estimate, but each vehicle is unique. Certain models will require an oil change before 5,000 miles while others may make it to 10,000 miles.

The first thing you can do to best understand what your model needs is check the owner’s manual. It should tell you specifically when the motor oil needs to be changed.

Otherwise, it all comes down to how much stress you place on your engine. Large engines with robust power outputs should receive more frequent oil changes. Even if your engine isn’t large but you constantly strain it with tasks such as towing, you’ll want to change the motor oil more often than not.

If all you do is commute to and from work or run errands around the local community, though, an oil change may not be required until closer to 10,000 miles.

Keep an Eye on Your Motor Oil and Be Ready to Change It

Our Harr CDJR service center near Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, is the ideal place to visit for a quick and easy oil change. Booking a visit can be done by calling us or using our online scheduling tool.

So, it really comes down to you paying close attention to the state of your motor oil. If the performance of your car begins to drop, you haven’t changed the oil in a while, or the motor oil appears dark and sludgy, it’s best for you to come by and have the oil replaced!