Where Can I Sell My Car?

Looking into your next model? Or maybe you’re downsizing and have an extra car you no longer need? In either case, you may be asking yourself “where can I sell my car?” We have the answer to those questions for you at Harr Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. We’re always keen to add to our used lineup, which we’re able to do by accumulating local models from nearby drivers in Auburn, Shrewsbury, and Worcester, MA.

The following is an overview of what selling your car is like and how you can ensure you receive top value!

What Types of Cars Do We Buy?

One of the first questions we often receive from nearby drivers attempting to sell their cars is, “what types of models do you typically buy?” Well, we’re happy to take almost any vehicle off your hands. It could be an old coupe, a crossover, an SUV, a truck, or a minivan; it really doesn’t matter.We think diversity is a great way to help folks land their ideal choice. So, the more options we have to offer, the more confident we are that a potential driver looking for a used model will find the right fit.

Reach out to us online or come by in person if you want to learn more about the car-selling process or what types of models we’re eager to buy from.

Where can I sell my car?

How is My Used Car Valued?

Receiving strong value for your vehicle is of great importance when selling it. How is that value determined, you might be wondering? Certain variables like the make, model year, mileage, and overall condition play a role.One of the ways you can gauge the value of your vehicle is to use our trade-in calculator. While this is a tool for trading in a model to put towards your next vehicle, an approximated value will likely be quite close to what you can expect when selling the car outright.

You can also contact us if you want to know more about your car’s inherent value.

How is My Used Car Valued?

Improving the Sales Value of Your Car

There are a few things you can do to ensure you’re getting top value from your vehicle. First, you want to make sure the car is in great shape when you’re selling it. So, having the car cleaned both inside and out is a good idea.Secondly, be sure you have the model up to date on any service requirements. If it requires an oil change or some other basic need, have that taken care of beforehand. Finally, have a vehicle history report or service records on hand. These are useful when a dealership is attempting to learn about the car’s history.

Improving the Sales Value of Your Car

Where Can I Sell My Car? Right Here at Our Dealership!

If you’re trying to determine where you can sell your car around the Auburn, Shrewsbury, and Worcester, Massachusetts, areas, you can always look to us here at Harr CDJR. If questions come up, reach out!

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