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Your business requires a lot of equipment, and a cargo van might be the best machine to transport everything around Worcester, Auburn, or Shrewsbury, MA. Now, you’ll just have to decide which one comes with the space and features you want.

The following 2023 Ram ProMaster vs. Ford Transit comparison looks at two popular cargo van choices. Read through it today to compare some metrics and systems to make your choice. Contact us at Harr Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram (CDJR) with any questions!

Cargo Capacity

The Ram ProMaster and the Ford Transit each come with three cargo lengths and three roof heights. These options let you decide how best to fit all your gear inside the van.

On the Ram ProMaster, you’ll find cargo lengths ranging from an 8-foot configuration to a 13-foot configuration. On the Ford van, you can choose from a Regular, Long, or Long-Extended Length van. As for the roof options, the Ram ProMaster has a Standard, High, or Super High Roof. Similarly, you can opt for a Low, Medium, or High Roof on the Ford Transit.

Climb inside the van to discover the numerous features and take in the cargo space. Depending on your chosen length and roof combination, you’ll have access to a different amount of cargo volume. For example, a Ford Transit van with a Medium Roof and Long Length could carry up to 400.5 cubic feet of cargo volume, while a High Roof, 13-foot cargo length Ram ProMaster can hold up to 463 cubic feet.

At times, the Ram van offers more space, while with other combinations, the Ford van comes out the winner. Overall, the maximum cargo volume of the Ford Transit is 536.4 cubic feet and the maximum for the Ram ProMaster is 520 cubic feet.

Ram ProMaster Cargo Space

Towing Capability

Not only can your cargo van store gear, it can also tow additional equipment that might be too large to fit inside. This added strength means you’ll have more flexibility as you set out to a worksite, knowing you have everything you need.

Both the Ram ProMaster and the Ford Transit are able to tow plenty of gear. When properly equipped, the Ford Transit offers a maximum towing capacity of 6,900 pounds, while the Ram ProMaster edges it out ever so slightly at 6,910 pounds.

The ProMaster also takes the edge when looking at payload capacities. If you compare the two cargo vans at their base levels, the Transit delivers a decent amount of payload at 3,668 pounds, but the ProMaster takes it further with a payload of 4,010 pounds.

Technology on the Go

As you cruise around to worksites with your cargo in tow, you’ll enjoy access to different technology systems. The Ram ProMaster and the Ford Transit provide a wide variety of added entertainment and safety.

Both models, for example, come with touchscreens up front. The Ram Cargo Van provides a standard 7-inch screen, while the Ford van has a smaller 4-inch display. You’ll be able to connect to fun apps including Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto as well as play music through SiriusXM®.

Both cargo vans also offer available built-in navigation systems as you make long journeys to new sites. The Ram ProMaster includes Drowsy Driver Detection for those especially long commutes, letting you know when you may need to take a break for your safety and the safety of others. 

Yet another helpful technology feature of the Ram ProMaster is the available wireless phone charger, which the Ford Transit doesn’t offer. Your device ensures you can stay connected in order to find directions or get in touch with a client, so it’s important to keep it powered. With the Ram ProMaster, you’ll more easily be able to do so.

Ram ProMaster Interior

Choose a Cargo Van: Ram ProMaster vs Ford Transit

Both the Ram ProMaster and the Ford Transit vans offer a lot of great features and capabilities. Given the extra base-level payload and towing capacities of the Ram ProMaster, we have to name it the winner for drivers around Worcester, Auburn, and Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.

If you’d like to test drive this van for yourself, contact us at Harr CDJR!

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