Jeep Gladiator vs Chevy Colorado

So you've decided that a midsize pickup truck is the way to go, maybe because you're the designated soccer practice’s driver, or you love exploring the outdoors near Worcester, Auburn, and Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Now comes the fun part: choosing between the Jeep Gladiator vs. Chevy Colorado.

Take a seat, chill out, and let's break down the comparison we've put together at Harr Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram (CDJR). By the end, you'll have a clearer picture of which one suits your style and needs better.

Jeep Gladiator
Off-Road Features of the Jeep Gladiator vs Chevy Colorado

You want your pickup truck to be as prepared as you for every challenge to come in the open road. As for these two, they both perform great off-road. The Jeep Gladiator comes with body and roof panels that you can easily take off. Because sometimes, you just want to feel the ultimate outdoor experience.

When venturing off-road, the Jeep Gladiator's standard 6-speed manual transmission offers drivers increased control over gear selection, proving advantageous in navigating challenging terrains at low speeds. Manual transmissions are also known to be less susceptible to overheating in extreme off-road conditions. This feature becomes essential for off-road enthusiasts tackling rough landscapes. In contrast, the Chevy, without the option for a manual transmission, comes with a standard 8-speed automatic transmission.

If we compare the basic trim level, the Sport trim level of the Jeep Gladiator, and the WT trim level on the Chevy Colorado, the Gladiator reaches 285 horsepower, above the Chevy with 237 horsepower. One of the benefits of having more horsepower is going off-road with total confidence, knowing that your vehicle is prepared to face the challenges ahead.

Long Trips Onboard the Jeep Gladiator vs Chevy Colorado

Both models offer cruise control, allowing you to ease the strain on your feet during long trips. However, it's worth noting that while cruise control is an available feature for the Chevy Colorado, it comes standard in the base trim level of the Jeep Gladiator.

Regarding the room for the rear seats, the Gladiator goes with 38.3 inches for the legs and for the hip, 55.9 inches, meaning the Jeep Gladiator boasts greater rear space overall. The specs of the Chevy Colorado in those areas are 34.70 inches for legroom and 53.09 inches for hip room. Additionally, the Gladiator offers more front headroom: 42.8 inches vs. 40.3 inches on the Chevy, for your added comfort.

Technology Features of the Jeep Gladiator vs Chevy Colorado

When driving, the touchscreen helps you stay connected to technological amenities and serves as a control center for various functions. If you prefer a larger touchscreen, the Jeep Gladiator offers a 12.3-inch screen, while the Chevy Colorado has a slightly smaller 11.3-inch touchscreen.

Additionally, the Jeep Gladiator offers a fun feature for adventure enthusiasts called the Badge of Honor program. This app-based program allows off-roaders to gain recognition by visiting well-known off-road trails across the country. Furthermore, the available Uconnect 5 NAV system allows access to integrated Trail Guides and Adventure Guides, featuring all 62 Jeep® Badge of Honor trails.

Schedule a Test Drive

Both vehicles stand as reliable companions for adventures. If you require additional information to make an informed decision, schedule a test drive with us aboard the Jeep Gladiator at Harr CDJR, near Worcester, Auburn, and Shrewsbury, MA. This hands-on experience will help you determine how each vehicle feels on the road and aid in making the right choice for your needs. Contact us!



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