George Hill Orchards

George Hill Orchards Worcester MAAs the seasons change, George Hill Orchards provides a new and exciting array of activities to enjoy. Harvesting is one of the long-time traditions that you and your entire family can engage in. Peaches, apples, and blueberries are just a few of the juicy fruits waiting to be plucked. The orchard has always been a favored choice for school tours, too, as the kids can roam, fill their baskets with fresh produce, and admire the sprawling scenery.

The more time you spend learning about and exploring George Hill Orchards, the more exciting this popular venue becomes!

Harvesting by the Season

Apple Picking Worcester MAThe experts who run George Hill Orchards ensures that each yearly harvest is as robust as possible. Whether it’s apples, peaches, blueberries, or pumpkins, you’ll want to mark off time on your calendar to ensure you’re getting the fullest haul.

Blueberry season begins in early to mid-July and continues through the end of August. Peaches are similar, with specific varieties being harvested in early July and other remaining ready to pluck until the beginning of September.

Apples can be enjoyed from early August to the end of October, and pumpkins are best in the middle to late autumn!

From the Kitchen

Worcester MA George Hill OrchardsThe kitchen is bound to draw you in when you come through George Hill Orchards. The smell of the baked goods emanates out into the surrounding area, combining sweetness with the freshness of the local produce.

Pies always change with the seasons, utilizing whatever produce is currently ripe. Hot Spiced Cider is particularly popular when the weather starts to cool down. There are also burgers and hot dogs waiting to be consumed!

About George Hill Orchards

Established in 1974, George Hill Orchards remains a family-run farm where current members of the successful venue pass down their expertise to younger generations. When visiting, you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped into the past, to a world where things move more slowly. It’s a tremendous chance to take in the sweetness of life, from cherishing fresh baked goods to spending a day harvesting fruit right off the tree.

You can explore George Hill Orchards further by checking out their Facebook page!


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