Car Battery Replacement Shrewsbury MA

Are you starting to notice it takes longer to start your vehicle’s engine? Perhaps you recently needed an emergency jump-start. The good news is that a dying battery is often a quick and easy fix. At Harr Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram (CDJR), we’re your go-to source the next time you need a car battery replacement near Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.

Read on to discover how to keep your vehicle fully charged for the road ahead. If your vehicle needs a battery replacement, stop by our service center or make an online appointment today!

How Long Does a Car Battery Last?

A brand-new car battery should typically last three to four years. If you primarily live and work around Worcester County, you can expect up to five years when the battery is properly cared for. That’s because New England’s cooler weather tends to put less strain on car batteries than in hotter climates.

A car battery may also self-discharge from lack of use. That’s why our technicians encourage you to drive your vehicle at least once per week to keep the battery healthy. To stay on top of maintenance, we also recommend having your battery’s strength tested at least once per season. You can easily couple this with your next oil change or tire rotation.    

During the coldest months of the year, your battery requires more amps to ignite the engine. This is referred to as cold cranking amps or CCA. The colder the engine, the more amps required. If possible, avoid parking your vehicle outside for long periods of time. Even parking in an unheated garage is better than parking on the street.

Car Battery Replacement

4 Signs You Need a Car Battery Replacement

Extreme weather, loose or corroded terminals, and plain old age can all play a role in draining your battery’s power. To avoid being stranded, keep your eye out for some common signs your car needs a battery replacement, such as:

The Engine Cranks, but Is Slow to Start

In many cases, this phenomenon is caused by an unreliable connection between the battery terminals and the starter motor. You might also find an issue with the alternator or ignition system.

The Battery Appears Swollen or Leaking

If the outside of your car battery is bulging or shows cracks, schedule an appointment right away. Leaking battery acid can quickly cause bigger issues beyond just getting stuck.

Dim Headlights

If your vehicle uses incandescent bulbs, you might notice they dim while idling. This is often the first sign that your car battery is nearing the end of its life.

Your Car Regularly Needs a Jump-Start

If you routinely need to pull out the jumper cables, it’s a good sign your battery should be inspected. If your battery is less than three years old, make note of whether the connectors are properly fitted.

You might also unknowingly have left the headlights on or are doing some other activities which can prematurely drain your car battery.

Convenient Car Battery Replacement near Shrewsbury MA

At Harr CDJR Service Center, we’re committed to making sure your car never needs a jump. To evaluate your car battery’s health or schedule its replacement, give us a call or make an appointment online.

We look forward to serving you!

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